6 Day Assassin 6 Day Assassin
Made by: Eric Feurstein
Website: http://kafkaskoffee.com/6da.shtml
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Fun Adventure Game
Good Graphics
Challenging Puzzles
Extremely short
Not much in terms of story
Not much replay value

When I first started playing 6 Day Assassin I didn't know what to expect, all I knew that I was playing an adventure game that looked interesting and after playing it, I can say it was a fun experience. In the game you play the role of a hitman, there's not much in terms of a storyline and so on, but it's pretty simple.

Essentially the story goes like this: You're a hitman working for a company that kills people. One day you get a call from your boss's secretary, apparently she has some sort of secret that she wants to entrust to you alone, because she has found something out that's very important. However, before she can tell you anything, she ends up being murdered by a sniper - and then the game begins.

Gameplay is typical point-and-click adventure style; you can look at objects, pick them up and talk as well, and you'll need to use all your thinking power to find out the mystery at the core of this game. The puzzles in the game are very well made, they are not plain out-in-the-open and you really have to think very carefully on how to use the items that you find. I think the developer puts it best when he mentions "always remember to look with your real eyes, not just the eyes of the characterr."

Some of the downsides of the game though, are that it's really a short game - a quickie that you can play when you have some time to spare, and there's not much in terms of sound or a storyline either since it's such a short game already. Once you beat the game and find out the solution, there is little reason that you might want to play it again.

Overall this is a fun adventure game that I enjoyed playing; it was definitely a challenging experience the first time around, and I enjoyed it when I finally found out the one-wheel scooter solution, if you have the time to play a quickie adventure game, this is the one for you, so check it out.



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Review by: DeathDude

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Violence; some blood
Safe for ages: 15+
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