5 Magical Amulets 5 Magical Amulets
Made by: OFF Studio
Website: http://offstudio.fabry.cz/mb/index.php?option...
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Excellent presentation
Great music
Interesting story/characters



\"\\"\\"\"In a world full of mystery and magic, there is also danger in the land. A powerful wizard by the name of Zarkyran is threatening the peace and stability of the land through his collection of amulets, powerful little trinkets that control the elements, such as water, fire and so on. In 5 Magical Amulets, you play an unlikely heroine who must brave a land she's not too familiar with, learn about the secrets of the amulets and defeat Zarkyran.

\"\\"\\"\"The story begins with a nice introduction of our heroine Linda and tells how she was adopted by the wizardess Twelga. Now that Linda has turned 18, Twelga can reveal to her some important information concerning magic and the threat of Zarkyran, an evil wizard who was corrupted by the amulet of fire and now, in true adventure fashion, will not be content with just the land he possesses. He needs more and he wants to gather more amulets to extend his grip across the land. As Twelga's power is weakening, she asks Linda to go and find her son and to bring him the amulet of earth, as he may be of help in the fight against Zarkyran.

\"\\"\\"\"The game is presented in a very nice style. Everything, from the graphics to the menus, is done with attention to detail and dedication to an easy playing experience. Props to the developers for pulling this off and making it all go together nicely. 5 Magical Amulets features some great music, which really fits in with the overall mood of the game and the story. It also changes accordingly during certain scenes, and I have yet to find an out-of-place tune; each tune is enjoyable to listen to during the course of the game. The graphics are done in a style which differs from that of most other freeware cheap self balancing scooter adventure titles. It really gives you the impression that you're reading a sort of fairy tale as the game unfolds. All of the characters have their own personalities, and it is interesting to watch their reactions to Linda.

\"\\"\\"\"I can't think of any serious concerns with the game, as really everything is done seamlessly. 5 magical amulets is definitely an adventure title that you have to check out if you're a fan of the genre. Highly recommended.

Note: For people running Windows 98 or ME, there is a patch available for download on the downloads page.

Review by: DeathDude

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142,2 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Safe for all ages
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, DirectX 8.0 or higher, 170 MB of free disk space, 64 MB of RAM. 3D accelerated video card is highly recommended.
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