Tobias "Bisse" Svensson personal photo Tobias "Bisse" Svensson
Age: 33 years
Nationality: Swedish
Whereabouts: Sweden
Social status: Student and Gaming Fanatic
Companies: Drink Vending Machine
To quote

"Bisse currently lives his life wasting his money on pizza's and movies, and having a secret crush on Simon Pegg. He likes downloading games and movies and then never playing 'em / looking at 'em. Actually he likes spending entire days doing nothing at all."

Mr Blocko: Super Tournament Edition Mr Blocko: Super Tournament Edition
Rating : [4.7]
Producers: Drink Vending Machine
"Forget everything you ever knew about Tetris. Mr. Blocko is here to rock your world with a completely new take on the old puzzle classic."

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