Thomas "Grindie" McCloskey personal photo Thomas "Grindie" McCloskey
Age: 37 years
Nationality: Irish
Whereabouts: Northern Ireland
Social status: Nintendo Fanboy
Companies: Drink Vending Machine
To quote

"A typical day in the life of Grindie includes exciting activites such as: Eating cereal, playing video games, pixelling up some sprites/tiles for his master - The evil Mr. Freeze (Bisse) and watching horror movies.

Grindie is one of the biggest Nintendo fanboys you'll ever meet (or not, since he never ventures outside his bedroom) and can talk for hours about how great they are and how pasting Miyamoto's face onto Christina Aguilera's body can be so arousing."

Mr Blocko: Super Tournament Edition Mr Blocko: Super Tournament Edition
Rating : [4.7]
Producers: Drink Vending Machine
"Forget everything you ever knew about Tetris. Mr. Blocko is here to rock your world with a completely new take on the old puzzle classic."

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