Studio Blum company logo
Established: 1995
CEO: Lee Blum
Whereabouts: Israel
Workers: Lee Blum
Studio Blum features games that are non-violent, and suitable for everyone. At a time where shoot-everything-in-sight games like Quake were popular, Lee chose to make games that went for a more peaceful solution.

You will also find Lee\\\'s unique artwork on his site. He uses woodchips to make his art, and each piece takes hundreds of woodchips to make.

Cult Cult
Rating : [3.8]
Producers: Studio Blum
"A mysterious cult known as \'Cult Of The Stars\' have barricaded themselves into a villa, along with some weapons. It\'s up to YOU to negotiate a peaceful solution with them."
Cult II Cult II
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Studio Blum
"Zack Bon is back, and ready for his next case. This time, he has to gather evidence against Nathan West - a powerful man who is suspected of being involved with an underground militia. Will Zack succeed in this dangerous mission?"

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