Steve Stamatiadis personal photo Steve Stamatiadis
Age: 51 years
Nationality: Australian
Whereabouts: Brisbane, Australia
Social status: Space Captain
Companies: Interactive Binary Illusions
Steve currently works for Krome Studios as a video game designer. He enjoys pepperoni pizza, Final Fantasy, and playing World of Warcraft, among other things, of course. Past projects include Flight of the Amazon Queen, Halloween Harry, and TY the Tasmanian Tiger. Currently working on designing a video game and producing his webcomic, Blade Kitten.

Flight of the Amazon Queen Flight of the Amazon Queen
Rating : [3.9]
Producers: Interactive Binary Illusions
"Welcome to the jungle, we\'ve got fun \'n games... and snobby actresses, mad scientists, and lederhosen. Find out more by downloading Flight of the Amazon Queen today!"

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