Kenta Cho personal photo Kenta Cho
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Japanese
Whereabouts: Tokyo, Japan
Social status: N/A
Companies: None
Taken from Tomus Files
"Kenta Cho is a Japanese indie developer, who more and more often publishes simple shoot'em ups - stunning by their innovative ideas and great gameplay. He began his career at a freeware scene witch a crazy sport simulation Masashikun Hi', even before he had worked witch computer and made a few games. Titles, that brought him fame, were abstract shooters like Noiz2sa or rRootage, from his latest production then "block-made" action Tumiki Fighters, lightning-fast and ravishing Torus Trooper and his last ship warfare based Gunroar."
-Influenced by games such as influenced by Rez. As well, old vector style games such as Atari Starwars and Tempest.

Parsec 47 Parsec 47
Rating : [4.4]
Producers: ABA Games
"Action aplenty you will find in this arcade shooter, prepare yourself as you face the challenge of many and your the only hope to win this battle in Parsec 47"

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