David Bogan personal photo David Bogan
Age: Unknown
Nationality: American
Whereabouts: San Rafael, California
Social status: N/A
Companies: Telltale Games
Websites: http://www.telltalegames.com/
David is a graduate of the Sheridan College Classical Animation program. After exploring freelance animation work in Toronto, David was hired for a period of 9 years at LucasArts Entertainment where he filled the roles of 2D/3D animator and Lead Animator. His valuable experience in managing and directing creative teams combined with his love for Animation, Story, Character, Cartoons, and Comics have made him a perfect match for the products and people at Telltale Games.
(Taken from Telltale Site)

Sam and Max Episode Four - Abe Lincoln Must Die Sam and Max Episode Four - Abe Lincoln Must Die
Rating : [5]
Producers: Telltale Games
"Guide the freelance police, in a daring and suspensful case, full of mystery, intrigue, with a dose of funny action all wrapped up in a nice little package. Sam and Max are back! Now go forth and solve this latest case"

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