Dave Grossman personal photo Dave Grossman
Age: Unknown
Nationality: American
Whereabouts: San Rafael, California
Social status: N/A
Companies: Telltale Games
Websites: http://www.telltalegames.com/
Dave is a writer and game designer whose characteristic wit and meticulous craft have adorned titles for both adults and children since he joined LucasArts in 1989. An extensive freelance career has afforded him the opportunity to work with a replica orologi variety of companies, including Humongous, Maxis, Disney, Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, and many others. In addition to a couple of shelves worth of award-winning computer games, Dave has written several children\'s books and a newspaper column, and also co-designed a successful robot toy.

Sam and Max Episode Four - Abe Lincoln Must Die Sam and Max Episode Four - Abe Lincoln Must Die
Rating : [5]
Producers: Telltale Games
"Guide the freelance police, in a daring and suspensful case, full of mystery, intrigue, with a dose of funny action all wrapped up in a nice little package. Sam and Max are back! Now go forth and solve this latest case"

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