Brandon Cobb (aka Death Adder) personal photo Brandon Cobb (aka Death Adder)
Age: Unknown
Nationality: American
Whereabouts: San Diego, California, USA
Social status: Very Tired
Companies: Super Fighter Team
Brandon Cobb is a true hardcore gamer, and gaming enthusiast. He spent 8 years of his life trying to track down an old gaming company. Why? Because he wanted to thank them for creating his favourite game ever - Super Fighter. This search ended with Brandon not only thanking the company, Best Fashion Jewelry
swiss replica watches but also buying the rights for the game. Today he is CEO for a small game company called Super Fighter Team. A company that tries to accomplish the impossible and have already succeeded once, when they released the first Sega Genisis - Megadrive game in ages. Another one of his favourite games, Beggar Prince has already gained a lot of attention from the gaming world.

He is also an avid Ad-Lib fan, Wholesale Fashion Jewelry and has a very nice Ad-Lib library available for the music lovers out there. Check it out.

Super Fighter Super Fighter
Rating : [4.3]
Producers: Super Fighter Team
"Experience the ass-whopping thrills of Super Fighter today!"

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