Goody The Remake Goody The Remake
Made by: Coptron Studios
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Fun platform game
Good graphics
Some annoying enemies
One looping music track

Certain platform titles from the past occasionally get resurrected; to let gamers, who never had the chance to play these old gems, see what that particular game was like. This is the case with this game, which is a remake of the old title Goody, a fun platform game with a simple premise, and overall this was a fun game to get playing through, as you guide our character Goody across many different levels to his goal of the bank! Although first things first, when you get the game loading screen, click on "Idioma Espanol" to change the language to English.

The basic idea of the story for this title is that Goody wants to rob the bank otherwise known as the bank of Espana. Course robbing a bank isn't as simple as just walking in; no Goody needs tools to be able to break in. But tools cost money which goody doesn't have. So your goal is to find money and at the same time find the numbers to the bank's vault of the bank in your journey all the while avoiding obstacles and people in your path.

I liked the cartoon style that was used for the game, it really brought attention to the world around Goody and made it seem that much more alive which isn't the easiest task to do with games. The characters, the backgrounds all look very well done, so props to the developer for this. The platform style of game play is also solid with moving, hitting enemies and other tasks to be quite easy to accomplish and I had no problems with controls, even the default ones, which you can change if you wish. Sound effects for the different events such as hitting a person, or jumping, drinking a beer, all our done well and may even give you a chuckle in the process.

The music in the game is only one track and it then loops, disappointing to see if you want more variety in the sound department. But it's actually a pretty good track to hear while playing in the game, and really it was just that one track for the game was the more disappointing part. Also, the enemies in game some are pretty cheap, and you may end up getting hit a couple of times and get frustrated that way.

Yet this remake was very fun to play and I enjoyed the challenge and overall presentation of the game, so if your want a fun platform game to entertain you, check out Goody the Remake.

Review by: DeathDude

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Cartoon violence
Safe for ages: 13+
Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP
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