Fool's Errand, The Fool's Errand, The
Made by: Cliff Johnson
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Puzzle solving galore
Amazing story

The Fool's Errand hit the gaming scene in 1989 and quickly came to be considered one of the most innovative games of its kind. This unique little puzzler is based on the esoteric mysteries surrounding the Tarot, and as such, you play the part of the Fool as he wanders his way through the land. There are four kingdoms you must explore, and predictably enough, they are the Kingdom of the Wands, the Kingdom of the Cups, the Kingdom of the Swords, and the Kingdom of the Pentacles.

Each of the four Kingdoms has lost its most precious treasures, and being the greedy Fool you are, you hope to find them and keep them for yourself. Given a mystical map by the Sun, you commence your quest for fame and fortune.

However, things are never as simple as they should be, and of course your map is corrupted by a mystical enchantment. It only tells you where you've been, and is furthermore completely jumbled up. Welcome to the first of the puzzles presented by this mind-bending game.

In order to advance, you must solve all manner of puzzles. Word scrambles, picture scrambles, logic, math, you name it, Fool's Errand has probably got it. The order in which you solve them is entirely up to you, and more puzzles become available the more you solve. Each puzzle is accompanied by a clever little blurb about the Fool's encounters with the various denizens of the realm.

In addition, each puzzle you complete will reveal a location on your map, and eventually, to beat the game, you must put all the pieces together in proper order in order to reveal its secrets.

All in all, this little game is highly addictive. You will probably weep with frustration more than a few times as you try to figure out the various solutions, some of which are maddeningly difficult. The game is on par with Solitaire and Minesweeper as a quick and easy time-killer, but it has the added benefit of a clever (though at times boggling) story to go along with it, as well as being quite a bit more mentally challenging.

If you like pushing your mind to the limit, and enjoy a good fantasy plot, this game is definitely for you.

Review by: Taikara

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