Tulles World Part III Tulles World Part III
Made by: Andail Entertainment
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Nice looking visuals
Excellent music
Drawn out adventure lengthwise
Slow walking speed
Not a lot of action scenes

Welcome to part 3 of the Tulles series, in which you take the role of the thief Artram once again in your journey across the land to rid whatever evil there is amiss. This is the final game of the Trilogy of this series and it definitely has improved greatly ever since game number 1, as we see much more improved visuals, very nice musical tracks, a fun adventure game with a deep story that is revealed along the way.

You continue your role, as the thief Artram Maywill as he travels across the land, there is no bearing or reference to the events of the past game, and so even people who have never played the series can jump right in and not be lost. Artram arrives after a long journey across the land to discovery a mystery afoot. It seems that the nation of Thendor where you are will soon be at war with the nation of Thamus, where there has been trouble afoot, thanks to Queen Landra. Also, the issue of the princess of Thamas disappearing recently and returned acting differently this has caused some concern.  Now it's up to you to go forth and discover much along the way.

The game is typical adventure interface style with all your options available, look, pick up, talk, those sorts of things. The graphic style in the game is certainly very different looking but it is of high quality. Kind of a cross of painted work it reminded me of, very effective in the style for the game. Characters and locales are also shown very well with a unique style to them as you explore around the areas of the game.

Sound in the game is very well done this time around, as the music tracks are nicely expressed depending on the area you are at the time in the game, it really adds a feeling to the game that really enhances the experience. As well, the actual story that unfolds for the gamer is nicely drawn out and it is not rushed at all, but proceeds at a nice pace that allows you to be taken into this world and understand it and follows how to proceed.

Not really many bad things I can think about the game, only real thing that bothered me was the slow walking speed that the main character have and the fact you couldn't change it, but that's a minor inconvenience that doesn't make the game any less enjoyable. As well, there isn't that many opportunity for action scenes in the game that occur, you'll see as you proceed it would have been nice to have some more.

But overall this is a very fine adventure game that really is of high quality work that really is very enjoyable to play and experience. If you are an adventure fan, you definitely need to check out this game and see for yourself first hand what's it like.

Review by: DeathDude

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