Tulles World Part I Tulles World Part I
Made by: Andail Entertainment
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Somewhat interesting story
Puzzles are somewhat difficult
No sound at all
Graphics aren\'t that great

Prepare to enter the world of Candale as you play the role of the thief Artram, in this adventure as you go forth to discover the tidings that are going on in this town. The game is your standard point, click adventure game, unfortunately some poor visuals, no sound what so ever, and a somewhat confusing way of proceeding through the game hurts this title.

You play the role of Artram; a thief who has been recently thrown in jail, as you proceed through the game, you discover that there is a plot of conspiracy against the king of Candale.  It's up to you to find out what it is and how to stop it. So starts your adventure as you unravel the clues to find out what is going on in this town and you must become a hero and rise above all the challenges.

The interface in the game is reminiscent of the old sierra adventure games, and is easy to follow through either by hovering your mouse above the top of the screen or simply by right clicking the mouse to change your interactions. Proceeding through the game can be a little bit of a challenge at times, as sometimes you have to position your character in just the right place to move onto the next scene which can be annoying at times, as you move him around trying to find that right spot. As well dialogue options don't switch over in the game, so if you pick up something like oh say scattered flags, the game will keep telling you that you pick them even though no more will appear.

The actual story itself is fairly simple but still somewhat interesting to play through as you progress. There is no sound what so ever in the game though; not even any sound effects to speak up, so you might want to turn on some tunes if you think you'll miss the sound. The game itself isn't that long, but it certainly has it's share of challenging puzzles in it. They aren't overly difficult I found as I played, but still there is a somewhat degree of difficult there.

Proceeding through the game, definitely was not the most exciting process though, as you wander around from place to place, it certainly got annoying as I kept playing on. Still though it was an alright adventure game, not the greatest though that I have played and it certainly had it's faults that I didn't enjoy. But if you're looking for another adventure game to play, check this one out and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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