Savage: The Battle of Newerth Savage: The Battle of Newerth
Made by: S2 Games
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Nice graphics and sound
Multiplayer only

Before I start I would like to say that this game is a Action/Strategy game, so if you like strategy you still should read the review and try out the game.

\"\\"\\"\"When I first downloaded Savage, I wasn't expecting all that much. What I was expecting was just an average shooter with a poorly done real time strategy feature that really wasn't all that important. I got in to the game not thinking much of the game, but boy was I wrong! This game was awesome, though a little hard due to the fact that it's multiplayer only, and most of the people playing are really good.


The game is played in multiplayer with "Humans" versus "Beasts". Both having multiple classes and weapon arsenals of their own. While humans rely on taking the enemy out from afar, the beasts use their claws to rip the player in to pieces. You would think that there are huge balance issues, but the balancing in this game is done very well, and rely on the players skill to win. Though I think the beasts are a bit easier to start with than humans. And both require a fast internet connection if you want to stand a chance.

Apart from the foot soldier mode, you can become a commander. You micro-manage your base and command gatherers of some sort. You can also give commands to the other players, like "build that building" and "kill that enemy". This works in the usual RTS manner. And the good thing is that nearly always the players actually do what the commander commands, for this is the key to victory if the commander is good. If the commander and soldier teamwork works, then victory is nearly ensured, if it doesn't, you lose.

\"\\"\\"\"The sound and graphics in this game aren't half bad, and if you have a decent computer you can pump up the graphics. And everything in the game has a unique look, from forests to deserted villages to your and the enemy's base. Though the game's graphics can't compare with the likes of Oblivion,it still pleases the eye.


The music can't be called original, but it is still nice and adds a lot to the mood. The music isn't actiony though, so if you like tecno pumped into your ear with guns and explosions around you, this isn't the game for you. But this doesn't mean that this is some boring simulation of humanity's future. No, not at all. This game has plenty of action and everytime you, for example, kill an enemy you get a sense of satisfaction.

So all in all Savage is a must to anyone who has the computer to run it. It's one of the best freeware games out there and you would be dumb not to check it out! So what are you waiting for? Download Savage now!






UPDATE - 10 December 2013

Although the original Savage: The Battle Of Newerth is no longer available on the game's own website, fans have kept the game alive, and have added several updates and enhancements.  The game - now evolved into SavageXR - has a new website, which can be found here - .  The download link has been updated to reflect this change. 

Review by: Potatoe

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151 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Safe for ages: 15+
Windows 98\\ME\\2000\\XP.

Or Linux.

Mouse and Keyboard.

CPU: 600 MHz processor.

Memory: 128 MB RAM.

4x CD-ROM.

600 MB Hard Drive.

Space for installation.

GeForce or Radeon series graphics cards.

56k modem
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