Rob Blanc 3: The Temporal Terrorists Rob Blanc 3: The Temporal Terrorists
Made by: Yahtzee
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Interesting storyline
Great musical tracks
Many areas to explore
Confusing story at times

Welcome to the last game in this series of games of the adventures of Rob Blanc as finally the series comes to an end with Rob Blanc 3: The Temporal Terrorists. The game has really come a long way from the first game and this game is the best of the series I found. Everything has been polished and taken care of, more story, more areas to explore, 2 different characters you can play as during the game and more music and just overall polish all around makes this game a worthy ending to this great series.

This time around the story involves a lot of strange sightings that have been going on recently around the universe. Clones of ships, people and even some planets have been reported being seen, not only that these phenomenon's echo either the past or the future of that particular object or thing. So what do the governments of the universe decide to do, enlist Rob Blanc and his partner Paul to figure out what's going on and solve this mystery.

The graphics this time around are still nice looking no changes have been made and that's not a bad thing at all, as everything the environments and the characters are still all well done. This time around as well there is many more areas to see and explore as you progress so that was excellent to see. As well you have more opportunity this time around to control both characters in the game not like in 2 where it was really limited, so that was fun to experience.

Musical numbers again have increased and are all really done so are very catchy numbers, again you may recognize some of them but you'll have to see for yourself and see what I mean. There is also a lot more dialogue this time around in the game, still continuing to be very funny and very witty in the way the game proceeds and the possible conversations you can engage with the NPC's. So, that was always refreshing to see, it gave me a few laughs, which was very good.

The only really down point I had was the somewhat confusing story that happened at parts in the game especially the last act may have you be thinking a lot more. That's all right it's only a minor detail and really it probably was just the last act that has this issue so the rest of the game itself is pretty smooth in the regard.  So, if you've played the first two games of the series and want to finally finish it off, or if you want to play number 3 right away for some reason, you should definitely check this one out. It's a worthy ending to the Rob Blanc series and I enjoyed this one the most out of the 3, so go check it out and experience it.

Review by: DeathDude

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