Rob Blanc 1: Better Days of a Defender of the Universe Rob Blanc 1: Better Days of a Defender of the Universe
Made by: Yahtzee
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Nice graphics
Cool Story
Very Upbeat Music
Game ends too quickly
Not many areas to explore

Prepare yourself as you take on the role of Rob Blanc in this epic adventure, to become an intergalactic hero of the universe! This adventure game overall is pretty well done, with a nice upbeat music track, an interesting story that you play in, as well as some good overall graphics and your set to play in this groovy game.

In this game you play the role of Rob Blanc, a chip shop worker from England, who comes home one night after a long day of work only to be teleported out of his home, by somebody calling themselves the High Ones. Essentially, they are going to be choosing a hero for the universe and well they decided on Rob. So before you can even react your sent on your first mission to see if you really can be this hero, as a sort of test essentially.

Graphics in the game are well done overall, nice and bright colors are used for the environments and characters and it looks appealing to the eye once you see it. There's only one musical track in the game but it's of good length and it will repeat itself, but it should take some time before it does that. Only thing odd that I found in regards to the music was that,rolex replica watches whenever I tried to load up a saved game there was no music at all, so that was an odd bug. Puzzles in the game are fairly straightforward so there really isn't anything that obscure or whatnot when it comes to that aspect.

As well the dialogue for the game, especially in the intro is very nicely done, very witty and funny to read and it certainly should prep you up for when you do start the actual game play. The actual length of the game though was pretty short, so that was sad to see, but it definitely left me wanting more to play, which will be possible considering there are 2 more games in the series after this one, so no worries there. Other than that minor issue, the game was a very enjoyable one to play to open up this series of games, and it hopefully should put you in the mood to continue onward playing the others as well. If your looking for a adventure game to give you some playing time for a little while, check out this one and see for yourself, can you be a hero?

Review by: DeathDude

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