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The object of Puzz Power is to move a bubbling electrical current to the end of a maze via a series of panels that manipulate the movement of the current. When you move your current, you lose control of it until it is stopped, so in order to continue you must plan your moves carefully.  To successfully complete a puzzle, you must not only direct the current through the maze, but you must also collect all of the white bolts scattered throughout most of the mazes before moving the current to the exit tile.  In addition to the exit tile, there are also yellow tiles, which allow you to regain control of your current; arrow tiles that force the current to move in the direction of the arrow; red and green rotational tiles, which force the current to turn on a right angle depending on how the current arrived at the tile; and teleportation tiles, which move the current to another part of the map, where it will proceed in the same direction until stopped.

Puzz Power is by no means a difficult puzzle game.  There is no pressure for you to complete a maze under a time limit of any sort, so you can take all the time you want to solve a puzzle.  You also have an unlimited number of chances to continue the game in case your current meets an untimely end.  There are thirty puzzles in all, with ten in each difficulty level.  The lack of pressure of any kind permits you to sit back and figure out how to solve the puzzle even before you start.

The real challenge to Puzz Power are the flame projectors which protrude from the walls and burn for set intervals; these are introduced late in the medium series of puzzles, and appear in the hard levels.  In order to survive, you must time the movement of your current against the flames while at the same time planning your next move.  Up until the introduction of the flame projectors, the game is relatively easy.  The game itself could be completed in less than an hour, so if you're looking for a quick and fun game, try Puzz Power.


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