Principles Of Evil Volume 1 Principles Of Evil Volume 1
Made by: Divot Design
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Interesting story
Excellent graphics
Game is quite short

In this first 'Principles Of Evil' game, we meet Rogata (or Rogi, as she prefers to be called), who is a taxidermist.  But she is bored with stuffing animals, and she yearns for some excitement in her life.  Now she has learned of the existence of an evil witch named Babayaga.  Babayaga is everything that Rogi ever wanted to be - pure, unspoiled evil.  So Rogi sets off, in search of her new idol.  However, Rogi has no idea where to find Babayaga.  But that isn't a problem for long, thankfully, and Rogi is soon on the right track to finding Babayaga's hidden lair.  However, things are never that simple, and she needs you to help her out.  Will Rogi find Babayaga's hide-out, or is she destined to stuff animals for ever?


The game is controlled entirely by mouse, so it's very easy to use.  Simply right-click your mouse to scroll through the cursor icons (see, talk, pick up etc), and then left-click to use that icon in Rogi's world.  When you are talking to some-one, dialogue will appear at the bottom, and you can choose what to say simply by clicking on it.  You can easily access you inventory by moving you mouse to top of the screen, and selecting 'Items'.  Each item is represented by a small picture, so it is very clear what you are carrying.  You can also Save, Load, or Quit the game at any time by moving your mouse up, and clicking on the appropriate icon.  Puzzles are logical, and they are not too hard to solve. However, the game is quite short, and will not take you more than a few hours to complete. 


Strong, vibrant colours have been used throughout, and this gives the game a kind of 'cartoony' feel.  Everything is animated very smoothly, and characters even move their mouths when they talk.  I like the way Rogi walks, and she looks very comical in her disguise.  I thought the town was interesting, with everything built in the same spot, but just higher.  The Beauty Parlour was very pink and 'girly', and that was in such contrast to the dark dentist's room with his torture chair.  Even the cursor icons have their own unique style, and adds a nice touch to the game.  


Music is creepy, and atmospheric, and I enjoyed listening to it.  It really seems to fit in with the game's style.  The music changes every so often, so you don't hear the same thing all the time.  There is no sound effects in this game, which is a bit disappointing.  It would have been nice to hear Rogi's footsteps, or doors opening and closing etc.  But that is only a minor gripe, and does not detract from the game. 


Principles Of Evil is a very enjoyable adventure game by Divot Design.  The story is an interesting story about Rogi searching for her idol, Babayaga.  The game is mouse-driven, so it is very easy to control.  Simply click on where you want to go, and Rogi will move there.  Right-click your mouse to scroll through the various options available.  Backgrounds are very rich and colourful, and characters are fun to see.  The music is creepy, and fits in nicely with the mood of the game.  The game is quite short, but I can't wait to see how her adventures continue in Volume 2. 

Review by: Frodo

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Some slight language, animated blood
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