Pirate Fry and Volcano Island Pirate Fry and Volcano Island
Made by: Squinky Productions
Website: http://sylpher.com/squinkyproductions/index.h...
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Witty Dialogue
Somewhat interesting story
Nice looking environments
Bad Intro Music
Hard to position character
Volume shoots up at times
Enter the world of Pirate Fry as you go forth in his journey across the island of Volcano Island to face daring obstacles, new challenges and interesting situations. This is the start of the series of games starring our hero Pirate Fry, so far we can see with the first game a beginnings of sorts. We see though with the first game a good start of sorts, with a somewhat interesting story, very witty dialogue and interesting locations that you will explore throughout the adventure make this a title that offers a nice different challenge for the adventure gamer.

At the start of the game, we see that it has recently been decreed that all pirates must now belong to a union of sorts and get a license as well otherwise there will be penalty of beheading or being beaten with suspenders and other assorted items or even fined. So, Fry decides to go forth and get himself the license he needs to become a licensed pirate and thus he learns he must complete 3 tests in order to get the license, which is what you must do.

Graphics in the game are decent nothing special I would say but they do give an effective mood for the game and the way the events proceed so it is an effective style I would say. As you start out in the game, you don't get to see much of your surroundings at first, but that soon changes, as you get to explore the island and see what different sorts of areas there are. So, the game does include a fair amount of locations.

Music in the game was alright at first, other than the intro music which practically made me yell out loud after hearing the spice girls in midi format, but the rest of the game was fairly alright, there's even a midi rendition of smooth criminal, so that was cool. However, for some reason every time I changed scenes in the game I noticed on my computer that the volume would crank up to max for the music, it was a weird bug that got annoying, after having to fix it every time. As well the dialogue for the game was very nicely written and definitely should give you some laughs, it is very witty and comical. One part though, I wonder about involves one of the conversations with a character and the practically unreadable text, very annoying but it's not critical to beating the game or anything, just thought I'd point it out.

As well positioning your character sometimes to move from scene to scene is a little bit difficult, but after that, the game is still overall a cool adventure game that you should definitely put some time into. So, check it out it's called Pirate Fry and Volcano Island and see for yourself if you have what it takes to pass the 3 trials.
Review by: DeathDude

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Blood, some graphic scenes
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