Pirate Fry 3 The Isle of the Dead Pirate Fry 3 The Isle of the Dead
Made by: Squinky Productions
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Nice interface
Interesting puzzles
Witty dialogue
Disappointing ending
Music is okay

So, we finally come to the conclusion of the Pirate Fry series, in Pirate Fry 3, the Isle of the Dead. This game series has really come a long way since number 1 and number 3 does a fairly good job at wrapping it all up. We see another new interface for this game, a new story line, and some different style graphics that differs from the first two games, make this a very interesting title that definitely looks different. Yet, plays just like the earlier titles, still with its witty dialogue and interesting characters that you will see.

Well this time around Pirate Fry has ended up on an island of sorts, he has no idea where he is but he soon discovers from an old friend from one of the earlier games that he's on the Isle of the Dead. So now, he's got to find some way to get off the island and back to civilization. First though he has received a poisonous bite from a snake and if he doesn't get that cured he'll be dead, so better get to work then.

This time around with this game, the interface has changed again, each game has had a different sort of style of interface, this time around it's very reminiscent of the old LucasArts adventure games kind of reminds me of Monkey Island 1 or Indiana Jones too. So, that was a cool feeling to see with the game. The graphics look a lot different from number 2, could possibly be consider a downgrade but it's no worry, the environments and the characters still look good as you proceed through the game, so it's a minor issue.

The actual story line for the game was all right overall, not really a whole lot of detail for it, but still it at least gives you somewhat of a goal to work towards. The way it ended was a big disappointment for me, as I didn't like the way it went down, but that's just my take on the game. The musical numbers as well were nothing special, they were merely alright, there were some borrowed tunes as well but that's fine I didn't find that to be a bad thing.

Like games number 1 and 2 the game continues with its clever and witty dialogue and it was really done very well just like before so that made the whole experience more enjoyable. Yet, overall this was a cool game to play and finish off the series of Pirate Fry. It has come a long way since game number 1 and I'm glad there was progress made in all 3, so it was fun playing them all and getting to understand the story and characters and such. So if you just want to finish off the series or you want to play another adventure game check out this title and see for yourself as the adventures of Pirate Fry come to a close.

Review by: DeathDude

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