Pirate Fry 2: The Hand of Anturus Pirate Fry 2: The Hand of Anturus
Made by: Squinky Productions
Website: http://sylpher.com/squinkyproductions/index.h...
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Great Graphics
Witty and Funny Dialogue
Good music
Story line is okay
Puzzles somewhat easy

It is time to proceed in your quest as a pirate in game number 2 of the Pirate Fry series, as you again take on the role of Fry in this adventure to become a better pirate. This game is a worthy sequel to the first pirate fry, we see improved graphics, just as funny dialogue, much better music than the first one, and a somewhat alright story line, make this game a nice title to check out.

This time around we find that Pirate Fry is on a quest to find the Hand of Anturus that has been assigned to fry by the new pirate leader of missions after your former one has been murdered apparently by working with the mercenaries. So considering Fry is broke since the last mission ended he accepts the job and goes forth to use his skills to find this hand.

In comparison with the first game, the graphics time around are much more improved, very good looking environments, characters and scenery are all done with bright colors that is very appealing to look at, overall it's really good looking. Music as well this time around is thankfully a lot better done and much more enjoyable to listen to without anything annoying at all about it, unlike last time around. So that was refreshing and it made the using Portable Gas Grills experience that much more enjoyable as the tunes themselves are pretty catchy and relaxing to listen to.

 The game continues with it's funny dialogue that you will see during the game, between the characters conversations to just the observations that Fry makes during the action in the game. Although the story is pretty simplistic in terms of how it actually proceeds through the game through not much detail, it still is decent enough. I found the puzzles for the game to not be that challenging but they were alright, not exactly the hardest stuff I've faced but that's alright. Some homework and a second thought is definitely necessary. This in-depth review of portable gas grills will save your time to sort it out.

So if you would like to continue playing this series of games, or if you're looking for an entertaining adventure game to play, I recommend that you check out this game out and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

Review by: DeathDude

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