Permanent Daylight Permanent Daylight
Made by: Linus "2ma2" Larsson
More info: 2ma2 talks about the hard work involved in making "PD"

Funny Dialogue
Interesting Story
Graphics are all right
Adventure too short
Not much in terms of sound

Ah welcome to the game in which you try to stop one of the most common adventure plots that has ever been used. You know the one, mad scientist tries to build something to take over the world and you have your hero and you have to save the day. Well this game has that exact premise, but it does it in a different fashion adding in witty dialogue, cool graphics and a somewhat interesting story as you proceed through this game.

The game itself is the standard adventure style, with no real tricks or anything to worry about. There is nothing out of the ordinary in this game. Graphics in the game are done nicely, as they are done with a nice bright look of the world that you play in. The environments and the characters are all shown very nicely as well, that is admiring to look at as you progress through the adventure.

The actual story line that you play through in the game is really well done, as you can see the developers purposely poke fun at the actual adventure game genre, and the cliches that come with it, to make a really memorable experience full of laughs and such. Everything from the actual characters you meet to some of the lines that they will mention to you is really done effectively in giving the game that humor factor that you don't see often.

There really isn't too much in terms of sound in the game, there is music and generally, it's all right for the actual game itself, nothing special but it gets the mood across. There are no sound effects or anything but still, that's not a big issue. The game isn't too long and that was a little disappointing as I was hoping for a lot more but still the amount of game that is shown is very well shown and it should provide you with some fun to enjoy and experience.

Overall I had fun playing this game, it stood out as a unique adventure game that tried to poke out some of the most common adventure cliches that many adventure fans have experienced in one way or another and the developer really did an effective job expressing this. If you want to have, yourself a laugh or if you want to just play an adventure game check out "Permanent Daylight" and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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