Ozzie And The Quantum Playwright Ozzie And The Quantum Playwright
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Well written, amusing story
Nice, rich graphics
Lovely guitar music
Game may crash when you save
Quite short
Large download

Robert Kauffman is Dean of the University of Greater Rockford.  He has just been told that his University has dropped from 7th position in the 'Top 100 Universities', to 76th position.  The reason for this drop in popularity is because there is not a separate library for accountants.  The Dean is outraged at this, and demands that an accountant's library should be built immediately.  However, there is a slight problem.  The only suitable place for this accountant's library is currently occupied by the Theatre Department.  The Dean, who is not a fan of theatre, plans to close down the Theatre Department and build an accountant's library instead, so he can get his ratings back up. 

Ozzie is a student at the University of Greater Rockford.  His girlfriend, Rose, is part of the Theatre Department.  If it is closed down, then Rose will have to transfer to another university.  Ozzie does not want this to happen.  He does not want to lose Rose, so he must prevent the Theatre Department from being closed down.  He must find a way to save the campus theatre. 


The game is controlled with the mouse, using a simple point and click system.  Simply click on the screen where you want Ozzie to walk to, and he will walk there.  Right-click on an item or person to look, use, or talk.  Move your mouse up to the top of the screen to see your inventory.  Pressing 'Esc' allows you to save or load your game.  However, I don't recommend doing this very often, as it sometimes causes the game to crash.  On the other hand, the game is quite short, so you shouldn't need to save your game. 


The graphics are rich and vibrant, with lots of detail everywhere you look.  There are lots of posters and signs in the dorm areas, and you get funny comments when looking at them.  Things like the rug in Rose's room, and the picture of Sam (from Sam & Max) on Ozzie's t-shirt were nice touches, and added a lot of fun to the game.  Even the icons in your inventory are nice and clear.  I was impressed with the map - at night, some of the buildings lit up.  I thought that was a nice touch.  I also loved the Alien statue in the library.  The Time Machine itself was very impressive.  It looks very futuristic, almost as if you are watching a science fiction film. 

On the downside, I thought Ozzie moved rather clumsily (for lack of a better word) on the map screen.  When walking from A to B, he always took the long way round.  He seems to wander all around the campus, sometimes walking through buildings, before arriving at his destination.  I also found the perspective a bit strange at times.  Characters seemed to grow and shrink frequently.


The music is excellent - guitar music played throughout the game.  The music changes every so often, so you get a bit of variety.  There are not many sound effects though.  I think the only sounds you hear are the construction site noises near the end of the game. 


All the puzzles are quite logical, so you should be able to work things out fairly quickly.  If you are stuck, look at the items you have, or visit another area, and you will soon get back on track.  Sometimes you have to combine items, in order to create another item. 


Ozzie And The Quantom Playwright is a fine game, with just a few glitches here and there - the game-saving-crash bug being the main one.  However, it is not very long, so it shouldn't be necessary to save your game.  It is these glitches that bring down the score.  The story is very well written, with lots of funny comments from everyone.  The game is simple to control, and the graphics are lovely and vibrant.  I loved how the statue in the Plaza was holding a peanut!  The guitar music was excellent, and puzzles are not too hard.  With just a little tweaking, this game could be so much better than it already it.  It is a large download, so I recommend it for those who have broadband. 


Review by: Frodo

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