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Beautiful scenes
Enjoyable story

Imagine if John Cleese would rewrite Orwell's â??1984' into a comedy, and you would get the whacky adventure game that is â??Out of order'!
Wellâ?Š why aren't you playing it yet? Alright, I'll explain it some more thenâ?Š
Hurford wakes up during a stormy night, he is famished and goes downstairs to grab something to eat, the end. At the same time in the same place, Hurford wakes up with the munchies during a thunderstorm when suddenly the thunderstorm abruptly stops. Hurford discovers that he as well as his room have been kidnapped.

Hurford finds himself in a strange world where everything and everybody is controlled by a mysterious entity known only as The Panel which continues to insure all its inhabitants that Everything Is OK. Armed with initially nothing more than his green bathrobe and his humorously shaped slippers (and his doorknob) Hurford sets out to discover the truth behind all of this. On his path towards truth, Hurford encounters a unique cast of whacky and bizarre characters, from a deliriously happy security computer, to a disturbingly inanimate sales clerk of electronic gadgets.

The humor is typically British, which means either you love it, or you do not. I found the humor to be great, if a bit predictable. The characters and situations are unusual, and so are the puzzles. Ah yes, the puzzlesâ?Š while most aren't difficult some do require a few leaps of logic, most notably the puzzle where you need to crack the aforementioned security computer. Though this may be slightly challenging this is hardly unexpected, one cannot play a game like this expecting purely logical puzzles.

The graphics, as you can see from the screenshots, are of a very high quality, the character animations are smooth, and the backgrounds are deliciously absurd.
It is wonderful how the graphics manage to capture a sense of comedy, while also maintaining the feeling that something is very, very wrong.

The music is also great, which is good since music plays quite a big role in the game, as the player will find out early on in the game. As for the length the game is quite lengthy, but a lot of time is spent running from one location to the other since the main character does tend to walk slowly, but I'll be damned if I'm going to deduct point just because the poor man can't run in his slippers.

The dialogues are excellent since nearly every sentence has some sort of joke in it, these jokes may be childish or silly but they are still brilliant as even the most childish joke aids in illustrating what kind of character Hurford is.

My conclusion is: if you like british humor, lovely graphics and fun gameplayâ?Š this is a game for you! Now go play it!

Review by: Stroggy

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