Noisy Mountain Noisy Mountain
Made by: Fightmeyer
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Engrossing story
Great music
Funny dialogue
Ends too quickly
Some very odd puzzles

After a long day at the office, our main character wanted to head home, maybe get himself a beer and relax in front of the TV. That all changed when a driver ploughed into his car. Of course that is bound to change things, as always seems to be the case when something big like a car crash happens. It has got to make a difference and all that, because you need to find out the truth, you know the deal. Noisy Mountain is a very engrossing title, though, with a strong story that really draws you into the events. Some searching will be required of you as you try to solve the mystery that lies at the heart of the game. The great music adds to the atmosphere and makes this an exceptional title.

You start after the car accident, when you see the main character waking up in a hospital. He is not sure about what just happened, only that he was involved in an accident. He then goes to find out what really happened and get to the bottom of all this. It is a simple start to the story but be patient and give it some time; it gets better. Throughout your searching, you will visit many different locations in order to solve the mystery. That line, as cliché as it may sound really is what fitting in this case, because that's what the mystery of Noisy Mountain is about.

The story itself is very strong once you get past the first part at the hospital, and as you begin to unravel more bits and pieces, you will discover some interesting facts. What are the facts you may ask? I won't spoil it for you, not a chance. You will have to see for yourself. The story is what makes the game really engrossing. Once you begin to get further and further into the game, the events that happen just drive you towards the end of the story. The music, I thought, was also very strong in the different scenes. There isn't a whole lot of music, but the pieces the developer decided to use all fit in nicely and really add to the game. The dialogue is clever and funny in parts, as you will see for yourself. Keep in mind, though, that this game was originally written in German, so there may be the odd joke and such that did not come out too well in the translation to English.

I thought that the game ended too soon, just when the game really started to pick up, which was disappointing. It isn't so much that Noisy Mointain is too short, but it just ends at the very moment when you don't want it to. And while most of the puzzles are logical, there are some that may seem a bit odd and will force you to think hard.

Despite all that though, Noisy Mountain is a superb adventure game and highly recommended. Check it out.

Review by: DeathDude

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