No Action Jackson No Action Jackson
Made by: Britton O' Toole
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Great cartoon graphics
Adventure very drawn out
Tricky puzzles
Some glitches
Music is okay
One save slot

Enter the world of Jackson, as you progress through his world in the game No Action Jackson. The game is your standard adventure game, but that's not all, it contains really great looking visuals, very challenging puzzles, and the humor of the old LucasArts games that brings back memories for those that know them.

The game starts off simple enough, you play as Jackson who is planning on going to play some D & D (Dungeons and Dragons) with his friends scheduled. That's when trouble occurs when Jackson's mom says he has to spend some quality family time with his grandparents who came over. So starts the game as you try to escape from your house and get to your game with your buds. Once you do escape you find out your buds have ditched you and are doing their own activities and now you play the adventure as you follow Jackson's day in getting them together to play some D & D!

The interface of the game is classic LucasArts style reminiscent very much of games like Day of the Tentacle, with all the typical very choosing options pick up, talk to etc... The right mouse button also allows you to use the most common command on certain objects as well. The graphics in the game are very excellent, very bright and colorful in nature, but very closely resembling Day of the Tentacle style exactly. Heck even Jackson could be seen as a take off as Bernard from Day of the Tentacle, both in appearance and the way he acts. The game is also very animated and lively, as you wander the world, so it's very cool to see that bit of effort was put into the game, as it enhances that nostalgia feeling.

Sound in the game is very well done, as the effects that are used from opening of doors, to using a certain item are appropriate. Music is all right in the game, not great I thought but still it won't have you pulling out your hair or anything. Also of mention is the nice cinematics that play through the game at certain events that show Jackson describing to his pals how he got them here and what he had to do.

Not really, much in terms of downsides to the game, there is the odd glitch that you may encounter here and there I ran into only 1 but it'll probably happen, an annoyance for sure but it's not too bad. You also only have 1 save game slot, which is disappointing for the gamers that like to have multiple ones, so that if they want to try a different strategy they can save and go back and such.

But overall No Action Jackson, is a very excellent adventure game that is really well done in many areas of the game, a very fun game that will keep you amused as you explore it, if you're an adventure fan you definitely have to check this one out.

Review by: DeathDude

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