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The cheap nike trainers were published in 1994, Quicky, the Nesquik bunny makes its digital debut in this platform game for the PC. The small pace and ease of the game make it most indicated for a young audience.

Nestle takes you through a journey around the world in order to recover Nesquik recipes stolen by a scientist whose motif is never made apparent. The game of Nike Trainers is partitioned in 5 sectors, each consisting of 2 levels and a boss encounter. While each level features only 2 kinds of bad guys, it does not get monotonous because at the end of each sector they are retired in favor of new ones with different mechanics.

Playability is classic side-scroll platforming. The objective is to get through the level while avoiding to touch any of the bad guys by means of ducking or jumping. You may also shoot them dead by first picking some of the cereal supply available through the level. On boss encounters, the cereal ammo is unlimited. To direct Quicky, use the arrow and space keys to move and jump, and Alt to shoot.

The game was originally shipped to customers after buying a bunch of Nesquik Nike trainer products but was freely redistributable afterward. The lack of popular development is thus surprising.




This game seems to work best in DOSBox v 0.65, which can be downloaded here -

Review by: UnconformistSheep

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