Engrossing story
Great atmospheric sound
Superb animation

Who are you? Why are you here? Why do you lash out against others? These are some of the questions our main character asks himself as the game begins, as you begin your journey. However finding out all the answers to these questions will not be easy and will take a lot of patience, searching and deducting. This excellent adventure game executes so well on so many levels. From the engrossing story line, that draws you in right away to the atmospheric music that grips you and gets your attention, to even great animation and graphics and two endings, this adventure games takes you on a quest to find out the truth.

The game's story begins simple enough, as we see a man in a straight jacket. We soon learn his name is Noah and he is being held at this psychiatric clinic due to the fact that he poses a danger to himself and to others, although he has no memory of his past or why he is trying to hurt others. Soon enough when our first character Dr. Knox comes to see Noah and tries to get him to remember, Noah reacts violently towards the doctor, which surprises Noah later as he didn't mean for this to happen. What's going on though, and why is Noah reacting like this, are some of the questions you have to answer in the game.

First of all the story line in Mind's Eye has been written very nicely, the events that go on as you progress further and further in the game are put together nicely. Once you start to discover more about Noah's past and about some of what's been going on at the psychiatric clinic. It really draws you in and makes you begin to question more and try to find out certain issues that arise. The story from beginning to end was very strong and I was very impressed with it. The sound in game is also fabulous, the music and sound effects are done excellently, conveying that creepy feeling one might expect in being in a sort of place that Noah is in; very dark and sinister. In addition, when the mood changes, like when Noah begins to feel the effects of the medication or the flashbacks, the music fits the scene perfectly. The animation for the different characters is also very impressive. You will see so in the first scene when you see how characters move, how they react to others, it is all done very well. Animation is not always easy in adventure games, especially to be of high quality, but Mind's Eye pulls it off.

The interface has actually been changed since the version I reviewed, it is now cleared to see in game and much easier to navigate, it was an issue in the last version but it has been fixed thankfully and really it's good to see the developer making the change on this. In addition, during certain cut scenes, the ability to not be able to click forward through the dialogue was somewhat annoying, having to wait for it to finish.

Overall though, this was a superb adventure game and I enjoyed it from start to finish and if you're a fan of the creepy sort of environment in an adventure, this game pulls it off. The game is Mind's Eye, highly recommended to check out.

Review by: DeathDude

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