Maniac Mansion Deluxe Maniac Mansion Deluxe
Made by: LucasFan Games
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Updated graphics and sound
Complex puzzle-solving
Multiple ways to beat the game
No new puzzles
Not for beginners

The game Maniac Mansion was created by LucasFilm in 1988. Maniac Mansion Deluxe is a remake done by LucasFan Games in 2004. The remake contains all the original story and characters, but features better graphics.

In case some of you don't know the story, here it is:

Twenty years ago, a comet crashed into the backyard of Dr. Fred's Mansion. The meteor corrupted his mind, and he has been creating demonic inventions ever since. To finish his latest contraption, he has kidnapped Sandy, who is the main character's girlfriend.

Needless to say, you (Dave) will have to rescue Sandy from the mad scientist. You choose two other members from your gang, and the three of you must overcome all the obstacles in the house. Each one has their own abilities, and the story can be completed differently each time depending on who you choose. Bernard is the easily scared nerd who can fix anything. Razor and Syd have musical talents. Michael is the movie expert. Wendy is a writer. And Jeff is... uhm... a surfer. When choosing your companions you should always try to make a balanced team.

The opposition consists of Weird Ed (who is actually trying to stop the meteor himself), Nurse Edna and, of course, Dr. Fred himself. Also you will meet a green and purple tentacle in the house. If this rings a bell, it is because these are the same tentacles that Bernard meet in the sequel Maniac Mansion - Day of the Tentacle.

One of the greatest things in the game is that the inhabitants of the Mansion live their own lives. They move around the house all the time, so you may meet them anywhere. Maniac Mansion revolutionized the gaming world by being the very first game that used mouse control. The fanmade remake is a nice homage to this ancient game.

Review by: Tom Henrik

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