Jetpack Jetpack
Made by: Adept Software
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Lots of levels
Level editor
Fairly addicting
High difficulty in some levels
Lack of sounds and music

I remember playing this when I was younger. Back then it was shareware and I had to do with the unregistered version, it was fun none the less. It was a really nice surprise when I found that one of my favorite childhood games has become freeware! After a quick download I was ready to play this awsome game.

The basic idea of the game is to collect all the diamonds in each level and make it to the exit alive. You have all sorts of baddies and traps trying to stop you from snatching the diamonds. You have no weapons of any sort, so you will have to rely on your wits to make it to the end, and of course your trusty jetpack.

The game has no music, which I found fairly dissapointing, but then again you won't notice it all that much. The games sound effects just consist of beeps and boops. Exactly what you would expect from a DOS game.

There is a wide variety of levels. The graphics in each level don't vary at all, but I don't mind since you don't really notice the graphics after a while. If the 99 levels in the game aren't enough for you, then you can just open up the level editor and start making your own! It's easy to get the hang of it and it's enough to create the same quality of levels as in the main levels.

Overall this game is awsome. There is nothing really negative that I can take away from the score. If you are a fan of Lode Runner, this game is a must. If you have never tried Lode Runner or don't like, I still highly recommend this game. Download the game and see for yourself!

Review by: Potatoe

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