God Of Thunder God Of Thunder
Made by: Adept Software
Website: http://www.adeptsoftware.com/classics/
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Cute graphics
Addictive game play
Infinite lives
Some puzzles are VERY hard
Tough end-of-level bosses
Only one Save slot

God Of Thunder is an arcade game made in 1993 by Adept Software.  It was a shareware game, but it never really took off due to lack of funding.  It has now been made freeware.

Odin is the ruler of Asgard.  As Odin slept, Loki, God of Mischief, saw an opportunity to create some havoc.  He and his allies (Jormangund and Nognir) have seized control of the land of Midgard, and hold everyone in the grip of fear.   You are Thor - son of Odin, and half-brother of the evil Loki.  You must travel through Midgard and free the villagers from Loki's reign of terror.  Odin has given you an enchanted hammer, which you can throw at enemies to kill them.  The good thing about this hammer is that it will always return to you. 

Of course, things are never that simple.  There are many situations where your hammer will not help you.  You must be cunning, and think of other ways to get past your many enemies.  You can talk to people, or pick up items by simply walking into them.  The game comes as 3 chapters, which you can play in any order.  At the end of each chapter, you must defeat one of the 3 bosses - Jormangund, Nognir, or Loki - and free the villagers.  


The game is controlled entirely by the keyboard.  You can move Thor around by pressing the arrow keys, or make him shoot his enchanted hammer by pressing the 'Alt' key.  Pressing the 'Space Bar' brings up the inventory, and 'Ctrl' lets you use the currently selected item. 

If you find yourself stuck on a screen, simply press 'D' to die (you do not really die, you just restart that screen).  This is welcome feature, as some screens are very hard, and you find yourself with no means of escape.  However, it can be frustrating when you have to try getting through the same screen numerous times before you can progress.

As you start the game, you are given the choice of which chapter you wish to play.  Once you have done this, you can set the music (no sound, pc speaker or digital) and skill level (easy, medium, and hard) for your preference.  Pressing Escape allows you to change the settings (music, skill lever etc) as well as allowing you to load or save your game.  However, there is only one slot for saving your game.  If you want to save again, you will overwrite the previous saved game. 

You will frequently need to replenish you energy level and your magic level.  You can do this by picking up apples (for energy) and flasks (for magic).  Jewels and keys are also very essential, as they can be used to open certain doors.  Some areas are cleverly hidden under bushes, so you need to dispose of the bushes with you enchanted hammer.  You will soon learn which bushes hide something. 

Move Thor  - Arrow keys
Shoot hammer  - Alt key
Access inventory - Space bar
Use selected item - Ctrl key
Restart screen  - D key
Save \ load game - Escape key


The graphics are very cute and colourful.  I especially like those killer worms with the blinking eye.  Thor himself is animated very nicely, with his red hair and helmet.  The jewels have a nice sparkle to them, and the orbs really seem to pulse and glow.  The cartoony style adds a lot of charm to the game, and makes it a lot of fun to play. 


The music is very upbeat and lively.  It changes, depending on whether you are inside a building, outside in the open, or underground.  So you get a nice variety.  The sound effects are simple, but effective.  Thor lets out a painful 'Uh' when he is injured, and a pleasant 'Ooh' when he finds some goodies.  The swishing noise as Thor throws his hammer is also very appealing. 


This is a nice, challenging game that I highly recommend.  It is an interesting story about the Gods, how Thor must fight to save Midguard from his brother.  The game is controlled by keyboard, which keeps things nice and simple.  Allowing you to restart a screen is a very welcome feature if you find yourself trapped.  The colourful graphics make it fun to play.  The simple sound effects really suit the style of game.  I think that some of the puzzles could be more forgiving, but it is a lovely game that will keep you busy for many hours.

Review by: Frodo

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