Farm, The Farm, The
Made by: Benedict Webb
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Unique story
Use of cut scenes
Fairly good challenge
Voices are okay
Game not too long

Time to enter a different sort of world in this game. The future is always that popular period to visit, and this game is no exception. What we have with this case is a different sort of story that you may not expect, in terms of what happens and the way it unfolds, as you dive deeper and deeper into the game. What is that mystery? Well read on to find out bits and pieces that I shall divulge to you. The Farm does present a unique story with some good tunes, use of cut scenes, and overall a good challenge that make this quite the game to check out.

The story starts off with your main character asleep somewhere in this massive city.  Soon enough though, he ends up being captured by a police force called the NHS, and you end up in a dark cell. You have no idea why you have been captured, or why you are here.  So like the premise of most adventure games, you have to find out why you're here and what else is going on where you are located.

The games graphics is good overall.  The characters themselves are good, though there is a bit of differences with some looking quite different from another. It is as each character has a unique sprite, which you could consider good or bad. In addition, the environments themselves sometimes have a bit of difference between them.  I noticed it is very subtle so you may or may not notice it. The game also used cut scenes which I enjoyed watching. There are not a lot of them in the game - some were in game cut scenes and some were not in game cut scenes.  This was interesting, in that usually in game cut scenes is the norm in this type of game.

In addition, the challenge of the actual game through solving puzzles and such is challenging, but not too hard. I think, with the exception of the first room in the game, it is quite tricky, and does really make you think and plan your moves in certain areas.

Although the game does use voices, I found that they generally were okay but nothing spectacular to listen too. Some are quite annoying to listen to, and really none stood out I thought, which was a shame. Also, the game's length itself was not as long as I had expected, and it did end at a point where you wish it didn't, as it just leaves more questions than answers.

Still it was a fun game to play and definitely recommended if you are a fan of the genre. So check out The Farm and see it for yourself.


On the download page, click on to download the game.  After you download it, you can install the game to your hard drive. 


Review by: DeathDude

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