Escape from Evergreen Forest Escape from Evergreen Forest
Made by: Old School Point n' Click
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Great gameplay
Interesting story
Unique second quest
Slow walking speed
Some lag
Suffers from compression dots

Enter a magical world in this adventure title as you experience the many interesting individuals you will encounter on your journey through a mysterious and magical place. Okay well enough with the big build-up. Yes you must journey through a magical world that you have somehow ended up in. Now you must find your way back home, but not before you experience what this new land has to offer you, the hero. What lies in store for our hero? You will have to play on to see.

You play the role of Don, who one day goes for a walk and through his daydreaming and such he somehow ends up in Evergreen Forest. A place where he has never been before, it is a whole New World. The premise seems a bit odd, but it really does not matter how he got there, since Don is there now. He has heard tales of this place having strange creatures and magical things, but there seems to be more, and danger as well.

First thing you should notice is the game's graphics. I found it a very interesting style that was chosen; it really adds to the world and the whole experience, I thought. Because of the mystery of this world, the graphics just convey that sort of mysterious feeling that you are in a different sort of place. The story draws you in right away, and although it does take a bit of work to get going for some progression, once you start playing it really is an enjoyable experience. Also, the sort of puzzles you will encounter will cause you to do some thinking. They are not really that difficult but still a fair challenge.

The game does suffer a slow walking speed and some lag in certain areas, particularly in the cave areas you encounter later in the game. There is the use of licensed music for certain areas, reminiscent of Final Fantasy and even Chrono Trigger was included. Not bad but I would have loved to have heard original music.

Yet this is a fine adventure game that really is quite interesting to play and finish. There are more surprises in store including a special cameo if you manage to get all 65 points in the game, so check out this title for an enjoyable experience.

Review by: DeathDude

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Mild language and violence
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