Ben Jordan Case 1 Ben Jordan Case 1
Made by: Grundislav Games
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Good story and characters
Good music
Easy puzzles
Game is too short


Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator: Case 1: The Case of the Florida Skunk-Ape was created as the beginning of a series in 2004 by Grundislav games. It has become rather popular in the AGS community for it's involving story and graphics.



The story in the first game in the Ben Jordan series starts out a bit cliched, but gets better as the game progresses. Ben has just graduated from college and, must to the Chargrin of his parents, and with the influence of the X-Files episodes, he decides to be come a P. I. I know what you are thinking, aww, man, not another cliched horrible detective story, you've seen one you've seen them all. Well, that's not the case here. In this series, Ben isn't a private investigator, he's a paranormal investigator. Big difference. He gets his first job when he's called down to The Everglades in Florida to investigate the horrific murders of a few park rangers. The head of the rangers at the park believes that the murders were done by the Florida Skunk-Ape, a type of bigfoot, as the bodies were all missing their livers. So begins a great series.....

Game play:

The Game play in this game is exactly the same as the Sierra games from the 90's. The author didn't bother to change the GUI, so you will see the same GUI as in most Space Quest games. Also, the pointage system  is back, that's right, when you learn something of importance, you receive a certain amount of points. This adds to the interesting factor of the game, as you will probably compete with yourself to see if you can get a score of 100. Also, when you get some points, a bigfoot growls in the distance to add to the coolness and uniqueness of the game.


Another good aspect of the game is it's unique brand of characters. Ranging from a superstitious Ranger Rick to a angry hippy, it just don't get better than this. Wait, it does get better than this. In the later cases. :P



They aren't very hard, in fact the puzzles in this game are just a bit too easy I think. But I don't believe it takes away from the replayability factor.




This game has a very high replayability factor.It is interesting but a bit short, so you won't mind playing it over and over again.


I recommend this game to anyone who likes adventure games. It's fun, interesting, and keeps you saying, "I want more Ben Jordan Cases!" You can't miss this game, don't pass it up. It's up there in the ruby of adventure games.

Review by: Fawfulhasfury

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Mild language, graphic violence, disturbing scenes
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