ZoopTEK company logo
Established: Unknown
CEO: Commando Zoop
Whereabouts: Midwest, USA
Workers: Commando Zoop
Website: https://www.noktaseksshop.com
From their website:

\"ZoopTEK is a small organization built around programming fun or useful programs. It was originally founded and based on their first game, Paint Ball 3 EXTREME which lasted five years! Since then, they have expanded and built several more games and have created a few applications all free for download.
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ZoopTEK hopes to expand in the near future: including much bigger programming projects and also becoming a more informative, entertaining, and valuable website in general.\"

Paint Ball 3 EXTREME Paint Ball 3 EXTREME
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: ZoopTEK
"Today you get the chance to try something as rare as a paint ball computer game. You can even play it online against your friends."

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