Wormux Team, The company logo
Established: Unknown
CEO: Frederic \'Fredb219\' Bertolus
Workers: Anthony 'Yekcim' Carpe, Frederic \'Fredb219\' Bertolus, Jaka 'Lynxlynxlynx' Krank, Matthieu 'Gentil Demon' Fertre
Website: http://www.wormux.org
The Worumux Team are a team of Worm enthusiasts, who have created an \'alternative\' Worms game... with a twist.

Wormux Wormux
Rating : [4]
Producers: Wormux Team, The
"What would happen if famous mascot from popular software packages declared war on each other? Who would win if the Firefox fox battled against the Linux penguin? Well, that\'s up to you! So get your team together, and destroy the enemy!"

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