WinterMute Studios company logo
Established: 2005
CEO: David 'Duzz' Loyd
Whereabouts: Australia
Workers: David 'Duzz' Loyd
Wintermute Studios is a one-man team, consisting of David \"Duzz\" LLoyd. You can find a nice collection of games and projects that Duzz has worked on over the years.

He has been working on and off for a few years, on a sequal to Duzz Quest - cleverly called Duzz Quest 2. He hasn\'t given up on the game 13566-03-5, but tells us \'don\'t hold your breath for it\'s release\'.

Duzz Quest Duzz Quest
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: WinterMute Studios
"Duzz is on a Quest to rescue his friend Bampton, who has been kidnapped. But who exactly would want to kidnap poor Bampton? And why? Duzz soon finds himself in an adventure that is out of this world."

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