VelociGames company logo
Established: 1993
CEO: Nino Arndt
Whereabouts: Denmark
Workers: Nino Arndt, Stigern
Taken from the website:

Main focus of VelociGames is making freeware Business games, but arcade and stretegy games are also being developed.

VelociGames first game was a Dos game made back in 1993, called Giants Of Flight. It was the firste Business simulation.

Then in 1993 a game called Conquer 1914 was made, it was a simple strategy game set in the 1st WW.
In 1994 a action game called ThrustMe, a thrust(C64) clone, was released.

Then in 1998 TDF development was begun. It was a Tour de france simulator, it was never finished as the cycling sport was in deep trouble with all the doping going on and i lost interrest.

Then in 2004 I made GameBiz 1. It was a much bigger hit then i had ever thought. Download counter stands at 70571 as we enter 2006.

Galaxy Lander was a small and funny project that i did when making an intro scrren for Galaxy Relations.

GameBiz 2 GameBiz 2
Rating : [4.9]
Producers: VelociGames
"Ever wanted to make your own computer games? Think you could do better than all the game development companies out there? Well the challenge is on, as GameBiz 2 gives you that chance. So have you got what it takes to make the next hit game?"
LifeBiz LifeBiz
Rating : [3]
Producers: VelociGames
"Ever wanted to live a different life? Try a new career? Get a better house? Can you live until 100? Or maybe you just want to party all day? Well now, you can. But there may be consequences for your actions..."

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