Telltale Games company logo
Established: 06.2004
CEO: Dan Connors
Whereabouts: San Rafael, California
Workers: Andy Welihozkiy, Dan Connors, Dave Grossman, David Bogan, Jon Sgro, Kevin Bruner, Kris Kilayko
Telltale Games is a video game developer based in San Rafael, California and founded in June 2004. It was created by a group of former LucasArts employees who had been working on Sam & Max Freelance Police, a sequel to the 1993 game Sam & Max Hit the Road, prior to its cancellation on March 3, 2004. The company\\\'s CEO is Dan Connors who heads the company alongside cofounder and CTO Kevin Bruner. The Telltale Games team have a large collective experience of working on notable adventure games, some of which include Grim Fandango, Monkey Island and Sam & Max.

(Taken from Wikipedia entry)

Sam and Max Episode Four - Abe Lincoln Must Die Sam and Max Episode Four - Abe Lincoln Must Die
Rating : [5]
Producers: Telltale Games
"Guide the freelance police, in a daring and suspensful case, full of mystery, intrigue, with a dose of funny action all wrapped up in a nice little package. Sam and Max are back! Now go forth and solve this latest case"

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