RetroDev Games company logo
Established: 2002
CEO: Stewart Hogarth
Whereabouts: Unknown
Workers: Stewart Hogarth
The RetroDev Philosphy, as shown on their site:

We believe that good games come from agile, organic development processes, combined with having the right people for the job! Chicknstu is the official face of RetroDev, but the games on this site are not the work of one individual.

RetroDev are a small group of developers making games and concept sketches from the comfort of our bedrooms. We do this for the fun of it, outside of our our normal jobs, which are also mostly in the games industry.

We hope you enjoy the games . If you feel the need to send us some feedback, please do so. RetroDev is fueled by peoples passion for game creation and new designs. We\'re always looking for collaberations and ideas, and anyone else who wants to throw games togethor with us.

Puzznic Puzznic
Rating : [3]
Producers: RetroDev Games
"A puzzling game of block-pushing that is harder than it first appeears. Can you clear all the blocks from the screen? "

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