Pistachio Productions company logo
Established: 2004
Whereabouts: Shoreline, WA
Workers: Chris Goiney, John Edwards, Justin Kim, Stuart Young
Website: http://pistachioproductions.com/
Pistachio Productions is headquartered in Shoreline, WA. Pistachio's team is comprised of over four members, each bringing unique and valuable talents to the company. Many, if not all, of Pistachio's members hail from the Shoreline area, and graduated from Shorewood High School. Our base of operations for the past summer was John Edwards' house. We plan on utilizing this facility for the foreseeable future

Ocular Ink Ocular Ink
Rating : [4.1]
Producers: Pistachio Productions
"Play the role of a paintbrush-wielding eyeball fighting against the evil pirate Patches Deadlights to free his hometown in Ocular Ink"

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