Old School Point n' Click company logo
Established: Unknown
CEO: Don "The Barbarian" McPherson
Whereabouts: International
Workers: Ahmet "CoolBlue-Gord10" Kamil Kele�?, Don "The Barbarian" McPherson, Eigen Lenk, Adrian "HillBilly" Bernsten
Website: http://www.pospd.co.uk/
With their combined efforts, the replica watches of Old School Point n'Click won the ATC (AGS Team Challenge) Awards with The Great Stroke-Off. The sub-game Drunken Violent Bums was added after the contest's deadline.

Great Stroke-Off, The Great Stroke-Off, The
Rating : [4]
Producers: Old School Point n' Click
"Step in the shoes of Ned and get warped to the most twisted amusement park you\'ll find"
Escape from Evergreen Forest Escape from Evergreen Forest
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Old School Point n' Click
"Don learns to be careful with what he dreams as he gets entangled in a mystical forest. He\'ll have to find a way out and maybe save his village in the process."

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