Johan Burgler personal photo Johan Burgler
Age: 41 years
Nationality: Dutch
Whereabouts: The Netherlands
Social status:
Companies: ShadowBit Interactive
Started playing games with the NES and then the GENESIS. I loved those conoles and really played a lot of games on them. It was a dream of mine to develop my own game sometime.
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Programming started when I was a little kid, initially on the MSX and C64 when I was around 10. I always tried creating nice graphics and good user interaction.

To make a long story a little shorter, things got professional when I started programming with the DirectX lib, an that is how Trail Blazer was born.

Trail Blazer Trail Blazer
Rating : [4]
Producers: ShadowBit Interactive
"A mysterious wormhole has sucked your spaceship into an unknown galaxy. In order to survive and get a new ship, you must play a dangerous new sport. Can you make the cut and buy your way back home?"

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