Infamous Adventures company logo
Established: Unknown
CEO: Shawn Mills (aka Klytos)
Whereabouts: Online
Workers: BlackThorne, Shawn Mills (aka Klytos), Sinister
Infamous Adventures are a group of adventure fans, who decided to join forces and start making their own adventure games.

Their first game, King's Quest 3, was a remake of one of their own personal favourites, but they are now working on creating a new game from scratch.

They also invite anyone with the same love for adventure games to join them.

Kings Quest 3 Kings Quest 3
Rating : [4]
Producers: Infamous Adventures
"So you like King\\\'s Quest III? ... you\\\'ll like it even better in VGA-style with sweet graphics, sound, and a point-n-click interface. Celebrate the New Year with the old and the new with this excellent remake of a classic. Cheers!"

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