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Established: 07.2003
CEO: Beanjo
Workers: Beanjo, Darthlupi, Mocha Man, MuZzle, Tapeworm
Taken from the site:

In late July 2003, Mark Overmars, programmer of Game Maker, announced that he was going to discontinue his practice of posting user made games on the Game Maker website that were submitted to him by email.

As a result, a group of disappointed users decided to go forward with Darthlupi\\\'s idea of creating a new website to replace the official gallery. They registered this domain and put it through several layout, shell, and host changes (when the original host deleted everything because of an IRC chatroom) before it finally began resembling its current appearance. A handful of other sites were developed by other game maker users to serve the same purpose, but few are still around, and none are as successful.

Park Racer Park Racer
Rating : [4.2]
Producers: Game Maker Games
"Compete against your opponents to become the F1 Racing champion, and gain full bragging rights in Park Racer."

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