GASPOP Software company logo
Established: 1995
CEO: Chrille Blomqvist
Whereabouts: Sweden
Workers: Chrille Blomqvist
GASPOP Software has been around since the earliest days of Klik & Play for Mac. They focus on games that are fun and entertaining, although they freely admit that their first games weren't very good. After some time they switched to PC development, with their next major release being their most ambitious and best project to date: Pleurghburg: Dark Ages. GASPOP Software currently consists only of it's founding member, but it is aided by various talented people on each project.

Pleurghburg: Dark Ages Pleurghburg: Dark Ages
Rating : [5]
Producers: GASPOP Software
"Brutal murder in a city with limited crime... It\'s a chilling case."
Urban Joe Urban Joe
Rating : [4.6]
Producers: GASPOP Software
"Aliens are everywhere! With the earth fighting an unrelenting stream of alien attackers, all lies in the hands of Urban Joe and his ability to destroy the source of their power to save us all."

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