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Established: 01.01.2005
CEO: Johannes Prix
Whereabouts: Global
Workers: Johannes Prix, Reinhard Prix
The FreeDroid Dev Team consists of diehard Linux users, who are all determined to bring Tux out to every household. And from the looks of things, they might just accomplish that feat with FreeDroidRPG.
Replique Montre Breitling | replique rolex imitacion montre Being a sourceforge "company", their list of contributors is too big to put on this page, but you can get a full list at their homepage.

FreeDroidRPG FreeDroidRPG
Rating : [4.7]
Producers: FreeDroid Dev Team
"Somewhere in the future, robots revolt against humanity, and the human race is fighting a doomed battle. But... when all hope is lost, Tux the Linux penguin is revived and will bring peace to the land once more."

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