Francisco Gonzalez a.k.a Grundislav personal photo Francisco Gonzalez a.k.a Grundislav
Age: 39 years
Nationality: American
Whereabouts: Miami, Florida
Social status:
Companies: Grundislav Games
-Creator of Ben Jordan titles (6 to date)
-Also 3 other titles.
-Worked with a team of 2 others for the Ben Jordan Series.
-Worked on Art, Writing and Script for Ben Jordan series.

Ben Jordan Case 1 Ben Jordan Case 1
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Grundislav Games
"Mysterious murders are taking place in the Florida Everglades, but who is the culprit? Join Ben Jordan in his first case as a P.I. to find out the truth?"
Ben Jordan Case 2 Ben Jordan Case 2
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Grundislav Games
"Join Ben Jordan in his second case as he searches for the lost galleon in the Salton Sea. Is the legend true or just a bunch of nonsense?"
Ben Jordan Case 3 Ben Jordan Case 3
Rating : [5]
Producers: Grundislav Games
"Join Ben Jordan as he travels to Scotland to root out a nest of witches and save an innocent girl from the stake. But beware, all is not as it seems."
Ben Jordan Case 4 Ben Jordan Case 4
Rating : [5]
Producers: Grundislav Games
"Ben Jordan is on his 4th case to discover is there a haunting, a ghost? Can Ben Jordan solve this case?"
Ben Jordan Case 5 Ben Jordan Case 5
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Grundislav Games
"Ben Jordan is back and stakes are as high as ever. Murders in Japan, draw Ben and his friends there, but there is much more in store.."
Ben Jordan Case 6 Ben Jordan Case 6
Rating : [4]
Producers: Grundislav Games
"What started out as a simple vacation, soon turns into another paranormal mystery for Ben Jordan and his friends. This time its a mysterious humanoid underwater group known as the Sea People. How do they tie into the plot? Play on and find out"
Ben Jordan Case 7 Ben Jordan Case 7
Rating : [4.3]
Producers: Grundislav Games
"Ben Jordan is called out to Rome, when a priest is murdered. But the murderer claims that he was possessed by a demon, and wants Ben to prove his innocence. Join Ben and his friends as they struggle to find the truth behind this brutal murder."

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