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'N' 'N'
Rating : [4.2]
Producers: Metanet Software
"Ninjas like gold, and they can kick some serious tail to get it. See how much wealth you can amass as a ninja in this
Aces High Over Verlor Island Aces High Over Verlor Island
Rating : [4.2]
Producers: Reflect Games
"Test your piloting "
Action Doom II: Urban Brawl Action Doom II: Urban Brawl
Rating : [4.5]
Producers: Mancubus
"Someone has kidnapped your daughter. You\\\'ll do whatever it takes to get her back. So fight your way through the punks, using any suizos weapons at your disposal, Best Hunting Knife
Afro Santa Afro Santa
Rating : [3.5]
Producers: Gamedigits
"With Santa missing Christmas itself that's on the line. Time for Afro Santa to jump in and save the holidays!"
Alien Arena Alien Arena
Rating : [5]
Producers: CodeRED
"Explore this alien world, and see how long you can survive in this online first person shooter game. You never know what will jump out at you, in Alien Arena"
Americas Army Americas Army
Rating : [3.6]
Producers: U.S Army Military Toys
"Immerse yourself working as a team in the U.S army as you try to stop terrorists and others from creating havoc in America's Army"
Assault Cube Assault Cube
Rating : [3.7]
Producers: Rabid Viper Productions
"Based on the free open source shooter Cube, Assault Cube is set in a realistic setting where you guide your team to victory against the opposing side"
Atomic Butcher Atomic Butcher
Rating : [3.8]
Producers: Das Humankapital
"You live in a world that has been devastated by nuclear war. In the aftermath, you have been chosen to go out and find alternative food sources. Plenty of action in Atomic Butcher."
AttacCar AttacCar
Rating : [3.7]
Producers: Gamer Necessary (Team Noise)
"The police car, the sports car and the other cars too, all battling for supremacy by destroying the hell out of each other, simple premise in AttacCar"
Avalanche Avalanche
Rating : [4.8]
Producers: Rich Whitehouse
"Set in the replica orologi Final Fantasy universe, Tifa discovers the existence of another Mako reactor. Tifa and her friends - Cloud and Barrett - must set out to destroy the r"
Battle Tanks Battle Tanks
Rating : [4.7]
Producers: Vladimir “Whoozle” Menshakov, Alexander “Methos” Wagner, Vladimir “Private Face” Zhuravlev, Vladimir “Petrovich” Volkov, Leonid “Dark Matter” Volkov
"Feeling a little frutrated? Just want to let of some steam? Well now you can, in this chaotic game of anarchy and destruction. Just choose your Battle Tank, then blow up anything and everything that stands in your way. Have fun!"
Bikez II Bikez II
Rating : [3.8]
Producers: Ville Mönkkönen
"Strike fear in the innocent, punish your enemies and raise a little hell in the process, in Bikez II"
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